This framed picture was purchased from an art store for over $300 in 2005. In good shape. I believe it is a print but Im not sure. Artist not known. 65 x 31 - great for a larger wall.
Diamond Plate Walleye - Approx. 26 x 10.5 for $49 or 21 x 8 for $43 Painted Steel - Sunfish 10 - $18, Crappie 14 - $32, Walleye 26 - $38. Navy anchor - $73Northern Pike Approx - 44 x 18 black for $62 or black 20 x 8-10 for $32In God we Trust EagleFlag sign Approx. 22 x 24 for $7324 Diameter WELCOME deer sign for $73, 24 x 17 Harley Davidson for $73Deer Head Mount Approx. 19.5 x 16.5 for $32Time...
Unique village scene composed of hand-painted tiles. Rigged to hang on the wall, this framed scene would make a great addition to any home.Measuring 18 x 14
www.WingitCalls.com Project is For Sale with everything needed to make high end calls. Also HMC has Inj molding open time. Tool Die Mold Building since 1980 Included in the WingitCalls systemDomain Name, Tooling, Website , Interchange Mold Inserts for Company Logos and Artwork.Injection Mold Tooling and advise how to polish and tune.Calls may be made from CastExtrudedInjected base material whic...
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